Roderick Young

I grew up on a small farm about 25km outside of Kelowna on a section of land bought by my Grandmother back in the 1920s - at a time when they were still selling land in the Okanagan Valley. Besides my parents, only my Uncle and Grandparents lived on the land; with the nearest neighbour a few kilometres away on a road only accessible by a 4x4 truck. It was remote, surrounded by wilderness and I just loved it! I spent as much time on the land, hiking, camping and fishing. I moved away from there when I was 17 but I have always wanted to return to living on a remote area and live as close to the land as possible.

I've been teaching since 1991 when I taught my first course at the University of British Columbia. I really loved it and I spent an increasing amount of time teaching at universities and in private schools on term contracts, alongside my work as a research scientist in plant pathology. In 1999, decided I liked teaching so much that I wanted to become a public school teacher. After completing my teacher training, I have taught in public schools ever since. My last teaching job was in Winnipeg. I taught there for 15 years. it was a good job but I don't like cities and I missed living on the land. When there was a chance to live and teach here in Deline I jumped at the chance. I love helping students learn and helping them reach whatever goals they want for their lives. In July 2021, I started a new position as the IT Consultant for the division, based in Norman Wells.