Renee Closs

I have been working for the SDEC for over 10 years. My husband and I moved here hoping for a lifestyle change. We were finding ourselves burnt out with all the driving and the hectic life that we were leading in Ontario. We have enjoyed our time in Norman Wells, so much that we've never looked back.

My role is as Superintendent. I work closely with principals and teachers in our region. I also sit on several Territorial Committees across the NWT of curriculum and assessment.

I have a bachelor or Arts History from Nipissing University and a Masters in the Science of teaching (Elementary and Junior Divisions). I have recently completed my doctoral degree from Walden University with a focus on Aboriginal Education, attendance, Career and Technology Studies courses, and graduation rates. I also have several additional qualifications courses, including: Reading Specialist, Special Education Speciality, Principal Qualifications, and Supervisory Officers Qualifications.